[cs615asa] HW2

Nicholas T. Capalbo ncapalbo at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 22 14:58:15 EST 2011

After working through a decent portion of our second homework, has
anyone experienced similar issues with the following:
- Part I ("Install software using the native package manager") =
getting sipcalc installed on OpenSolaris.  I searched for a while and
couldn't come up with anything that came close to its functionality.
FYI for everyone else - I had a nasty time with GPG.  In the end I had
to use pkgutil from Blastwave.  I experienced version conflicts which
I ultimately couldn't resolve.
- Part II ("Install pkgsrc and the same packages")
For Ubuntu and Fedora, I had no luck with pkgsrc (I read a decent
amount of documentation, but it's possible I'm not completely
understanding it).  The problem I'm having is with the FTP server
hosting all the pkgsrc packages
(ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/packages/).  Namely, none exist for
There are a lot of packages available for OpenSolaris, but I get
version conflicts between the EC2 instance OS and the OS the package
was built for (5.11 vs. 5.10).

Professor Schaumann - am I using pkgsrc incorrectly?  If not, would
you mind if we found a slightly older version of OpenSolaris so it's
compatible with the pkgsrc packages.  I'm not 100% positive on how to
deal with the Ubuntu/Fedora instances.

Thanks in advance.

Kindest regards,
Nicholas T. Capalbo

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