[cs615asa] HW2

Darren Alton dalton at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 22 17:09:18 EST 2011

I've been able to get a bit further than this, but not much..
Installing the packages on Fedora and Ubuntu with their native package
managers has been simple enough, and I was able to bootstrap pkgsrc on
Fedora, but when I tried to bootstrap pkgsrc on Ubuntu...

root at ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/pkgsrc/bootstrap# ./bootstrap
ERROR: Your shell's echo command is not BSD-compatible.
ERROR: Please select another shell by setting the environment
ERROR: variable SH.

Apparently Ubuntu's version of bash is screwy?  I tried with
SH=/bin/sh and SH=/bin/bash and got the same error.  I finally ended
up installing zsh and trying with SH=zsh, which got me a little
further, but then I encountered this:

===> Installing dependencies for bmake-20100808
=> Full dependency bootstrap-mk-files-[0-9]*: found
find_best:1: no such file or directory:
/root/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/sbin/pkg_info -K /var/db/pkg
ERROR: [resolve-dependencies] A package matching
``bootstrap-mk-files-[0-9]*'' should
ERROR:     be installed, but one cannot be found.  Perhaps there is a
ERROR:     stale work directory for ../../pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files?
*** Error code 1

I think Ubuntu might be allergic to BSD.


On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Jan Schaumann <jschauma at cs.stevens.edu> wrote:
> "Nicholas T. Capalbo" <ncapalbo at stevens.edu> wrote:
>> Professor Schaumann - am I using pkgsrc incorrectly?
> Yes! :-)
> pkgsrc, as the name suggests, is a _source_ based package manager.  That
> is, you will be using pkgsrc to actually build and install your own
> packages, not download any existing binary packages.
> http://www.netbsd.org/docs/pkgsrc/
> -Jan

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