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Nicholas T. Capalbo ncapalbo at stevens.edu
Wed Feb 23 21:49:25 EST 2011

Professor Schaumann,
Thanks for the clarification - your bootstrap suggestion works nicely as well.
During the last portion of our assignment, we are supposed to compile
anything that apache may need to function right?  For example, trying
to install apache on Fedora will fail with a "missing compiler" error
message.  Won't we run into a chicken and egg problem with trying to
compile a compiler (e.g. gcc) when we don't have a compiler to begin
with?  Or did I just not look hard enough for a compiler on the Fedora

Thanks again for the help.

Kindest regards,
Nicholas T. Capalbo

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Jan Schaumann <jschauma at cs.stevens.edu> wrote:
> Darren Alton <dalton at stevens.edu> wrote:
>> root at ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~/pkgsrc/bootstrap# ./bootstrap
>> ERROR: Your shell's echo command is not BSD-compatible.
>> ERROR: Please select another shell by setting the environment
>> ERROR: variable SH.
>> Apparently Ubuntu's version of bash is screwy?
> Not quite.  Bash on Ubuntu is as screwy as bash is anywhere else.  What
> the bootstrap script is looking for is a shell that has a reasonable
> approximation of POSIX compliance.  It will attempt to use /bin/sh, but
> as the bootstrap script tells you:
> bootstrap_sh=${SH-/bin/sh}
> bootstrap_sh_set=${SH+set}
> # On some newer Ubuntu installations, /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/dash,
> # whose echo(1) is not BSD-compatible.
> dash_echo_test=`$bootstrap_sh -c 'echo "\\100"'`
> if [ "$dash_echo_test" = "@" ]; then
>        { echo "ERROR: Your shell's echo command is not BSD-compatible."
>          echo "ERROR: Please select another shell by setting the environment"
>          echo "ERROR: variable SH."
>        } 1>&2
>        exit 1;
> fi
> You can get around this by running:
> env SH=/bin/bash ./bootstrap
> For more on the discussion about Ubuntu using 'dash':
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dash/+bug/141481
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh
> (Yes, the funny part is that 'dash' pretends to be more POSIX compliant
> than, for example, bash (which does have all sorts of weird extensions),
> but in the process fails at some of them, apparently breaking a number
> of things left and right.  Remember what I say about all software?)
> -Jan
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