[cs615asa] Uninstall pkgsrc.. Please help

Jan Schaumann jschauma at cs.stevens.edu
Sat Feb 26 20:54:20 EST 2011

>  I ran into small problems.. I had my mistake too of not installing the
> packages properly. I wanted to Uninstall pkgsrc
>  and redo everything.. 
>  could you please suggest me a easier way to do it. I am not able to use
>  rmdir pkgsrc.....

rm -fr /usr/pkgsrc /usr/pkg /var/db/pkg /etc/mk.conf

should work.

pkg_delete -r \*

would delete all packages installed, but leave the pkgsrc tree in place.

Of course if you really want to start from scratch, it might be easier
to just shut down the instance and boot up a new one.


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