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Javed Akhtar jakhtar at stevens.edu
Sun May 1 21:10:09 EDT 2011



I have some doubts regarding ec2-restore extra credit assignment.


1.       How to find where our backup data is residing, as there is no
information about passing the concerned Volume ID?

2.       If there are more than one volumes with same tag, then how to find
the correct volume? Do we have to search for data in every volume with same
tag? Isn't this process going to be very long?

3.       "ec2-restore will create the directory specified via the -d flag if
it does not exist." I couldn't understand this line. What is the point in
creating a directory when data has to be restored?

4.       If correct volume is somehow located, then do we need to upload the
private key to the instance so as to use 'dd' or 'rsync' for restoring it
back to local machine?


If anyone is working on this part, please suggest me on how to work on the
above mentioned ambiguities.



Javed Akhtar

732-552-6243 - M


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