[cs615asa] paper/presentation grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at cs.stevens.edu
Tue May 10 20:07:14 EDT 2011


I have emailed out all presentation/paper grades - if you did not get
your grades, please let me know asap.  The total number of points (not
counting extra credit points) possible to receive in this class was:

HW#1:                 25
Quiz1:                20
Quiz2:                25
HW#2:                 40
HW#3:                100
HW#4:                 45
HW#5:                 20
HW#6                  30
Paper/presentation:  100
                  =  405

This means that you should now have all of your grades, and thus know
what letter grade you will get in this class.


If you believe that you are entitled to more points than you have been
given, please first review your standing, consider the amount of extra
credit work that was available and how you could have gotten more points
and then reconsider if the work you did was graded fairly or not.  If
you have concerns after all that, please do contact me.

Letter grades will be entered into the system tomorrow.

In the mean time, you should feel encouraged to take the course
assessment at https://www.stevens.edu/assess/ -- the most important part
of the assessment is that you should be honest and add any additional
information that the formula/multiple-choice form (which I didn't get a
chance to update for this semester) does not offer.  If nothing else,
this will help me make the class better for future students.


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