[cs615asa] [HW4] Creating tags, specifying keypairs

kbodzak kbodzak at stevens.edu
Thu Mar 21 16:28:08 EDT 2013


I have 2 more questions about the assignment:

When attempting to add tags to a resource using:

aws ec2 create-tags (params), the tool seems to not work.
There is a github post that states its broken and was fixed in version 
0.5.0 (but the lab machines run 0.4.5).
github: https://github.com/aws/aws-cli/issues/33

I tried to use the ec2-(tool) programs instead, however the manual page 
doesn't mention that all the necessary environment variables would be 
set up for that to work, since we are supposed to use the 'aws' 
interface instead.

How should I go about tagging the volume?

When we are handling the EC2_BACKUP_FLAGS_AWS, should we only use those 
flags when we are creating instances? Some flags that may be needed do 
not work with other AWS commands. For example, we would need the user to 
--key-name: <keypair> for creating an instance, but if we pass 
--key-name to a command that doesn't accept it, it will error. How 
should we handle this?


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