[cs615asa] Some questions.

czhang13 czhang13 at stevens.edu
Thu Mar 21 22:54:51 EDT 2013

>> 3. When creating a new instance, what public key should the program 
>> use?
>> Do I need to read from system environment to find the public key? 
>> Since I
>> find that the user can change their private key to ssh to the server 
>> in
>> your example.
> Your program does not need to know about this.  If the user requires 
> a
> non-default key, he can set the EC2_BACKUP_FLAGS_AWS and
> EC2_BACKUP_FLAGS_SSH environment variables, as described in the 
> section
> 'Environment' of the manual page.
> -Jan

If our program does not know the exact key used to create the instance,
how could we later using ssh with the same key. I mean how could the 
know what the user's default key is.


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