[cs615asa] Class cancelled

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 2 13:23:18 EST 2015


You've probably seen the announcement, but yes, Stevens is indeed closed
tonight and we will _not_ meet.  Our first class of the semester will
then (hopefully) be next week.

We may need to adjust the syllabus, depending on whether or not Stevens
will extend the semester or add a make-up day at some point.

Either way, to keep on topic and make a little bit of progress, let's
use this week to do some independent research on the profession of
System Administration.  Search for information that describes the
profession, the community around the profession, identify relevant
conferences or tech meetups, online communities, forums and discussion
groups, university degrees or certifications, etc.

Share here on this list the three most useful or interesting links.

As usual, also keep an eye open for stories relating to current events
that may (perhaps surprisingly) affect sysadmins; share those stories,


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