[cs615asa] HW1 Security Issues

Chenyi Zhang czhang42 at stevens.edu
Sat Feb 7 01:37:41 EST 2015

You left your AWS certificate and key accessible to anybody on linux-lab
in ~/.ec2; anybody can now use your account (and credit card).

So we can either set the permission or keep them in my security flash
deiver ?

> This let the security group listen to port 22, and allows all ip connect
> to the instance.

Is this the best option?
I dont think it is a good idea to allow all ip to access. however, if I may
connect the server in Starbucks.....It seems noway to lock to a specific ip.

Should us refuse work in such a public place?

Seem like to do a lot of thing to keep the server save :(, and there is no
such a convenient way.

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