[cs615asa] A Question about how to update system sofware safely

hchen29 hchen29 at stevens.edu
Sun Feb 8 23:39:03 EST 2015

Hello everyone,
Here I got a question from CS594 which had relationship with system 
administration. This question is given by Randy Park from CS594. Now I 
would report his question here:

"If we build an enterprise network with a application server and a 
database server. The database server is in a private subnet which 
doesn't allow the database server expose to public network. However, we 
need to update some software on the server. If we allow port 443 or 80 
connection to the database, it will suffer from the breaches of SSL 
protocol. Or you just allow the two ports to update server and then 
remove these rules back and force? What are other administrators do in a 
real enterprise network? "

I think this is a good question. Anyone can share your ideas here.

Hanxiong Chen

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