[cs615asa] Question about the assignment

hchen29 hchen29 at stevens.edu
Mon Jan 26 15:03:20 EST 2015

On 01/26/2015 2:27 PM, Jan Schaumann wrote:
> hchen29 <hchen29 at stevens.edu> wrote:
>> it requires to create a publicly accessible website under
>> https://www.cs.stevens.edu/~your-username/CS615/HW1/. I want to know 
>> how
>> to create such a website.
> https://www.srcit.stevens.edu/wiki/index.php/Web
>> What's more, the document must be in HTML
>> format? No pdf or Word format allowed?
> Correct.
> -Jan
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Does that mean we should get a linux-lab account first, and then create 
the home directory in the linux-lab? From the instruction, it only said 
how to create the directory, but didn't mention where should we put the 

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