[cs615asa] GHOST / CVE-2015-0235

Julian Sexton jsexton at stevens.edu
Tue Jan 27 16:30:22 EST 2015

Hi Professor,
I'm having trouble accessing the linux-lab. Or rather, I can't access
cs.stevens.edu at all - pinging it doesn't work, and several people in my
building (on campus) have the same problem, but friends I know off campus
don't have this problem. I can access cs.stevens.edu via proxy, so I can get
on your website, but do you know if there's a way to do something similar
for the linux lab? I usually use putty to ssh in, but it's not even
prompting me with a login screen. I filed a ticket with IT but I thought I'd
ask in case they don't handle it in time..


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A few hours ago, a new and severe vulnerability was made public:

Please follow the development and details here; we will come back to this in
a few weeks.  In fact, this might make for a good lightning talk for you to
present to the class: What is it?  How does it work?  How do you test for
it?  How do you fix it?

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