[cs615asa] Some questions about env setup and X.509 certificate

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> On Jan 29, 2015, at 10:30 PM, Julian Sexton <jsexton at stevens.edu> wrote:
> Just to confirm, this assignment does require an amazon account, right?

Surely, we all need our own amazon account to create an EC2 instance.

> I actually went through the entire setup process, with private keys, certificates, aws configure, etc,  on the linux lab, so I'm still trying to figure out how much of this was unnecessary (and how much I need to undo to get it to use the school's account).

There is no relation between amazon account and stevens account. We only use stevens account to login linux-lab, which is a linux environment, to create and login amazon EC2 instance. If you have a linux environment, of course you can do these works on your own linux environment.
——————————                         ————————————                         ———————
|                                   |                        |                                          |                        |                         |          
|  your own pc (win)     |——————>|  linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu  |——————>|  amazon EC2  |
|                                   |                        |                                          |                        |                         |
——————————                          ————————————                         ———————
                                                                (aws tools run here )

——————————                         ———————
|                                   |                        |                          |          
|  your own pc (linux)   |——————>|   amazon EC2  |
|                                   |                        |                          |
——————————                          ———————
  (aws tools run here )

> As far as I can tell, "aws configure" needs information (key + id) from an amazon account (and I can't seem to find a way to unconfigure to test it), but how does it verify against that key and the school's certificate (two different owners)? Or does it just pick one of the two and verify that?

Amazon has no need to know school’s certificate. What he needs know is the access id and the access key, in my opinion, it’s somehow like user name and password. Having the access id and key, you can operator EC2 anywhere.
To unconfigure, just delete ~/.aws/config         This file contains your configure information.

> -Julian
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