[cs615asa] How to solve enter passphrase for key '***.pem'

wzhang32 at stevens.edu wzhang32 at stevens.edu
Sat Jan 31 15:11:26 EST 2015

Two reasons may cause your problem. Corrupt RSA private key and invalid username. For example, my instance is Ubuntu, so the valid username should ubuntu at ec2-ip. You'd better check your img's version.  To test RSA private Key, the best way is to create an new key which I suggest you get from the aws console. After you done, you can create a new instance with the new key.
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Saturday, 31 January 2015, 02:57PM -0500 from Yanqiao Zhan <yzhan14 at stevens.edu>:
Hi guys,
I do the experiment in linux-lab environment, and I have create the instance as expected. 
But when I use command  ssh -i ***.pem ec2-use@*.*.*.*, it asked me to enter passphrase for key **.pem. Did anyone face the same problem before?
Thank you!
Yanqiao Zhan
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