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    I went to Manhattan and participate in a meet up “Using In-Memory,
Data-Parallel Computing for Operational Intelligence” with my partners
Wednesday, April 8. The speaker is Dr.William L. Bain who is the founder &
CEO of ScaleOutSoftware.

   In the lecture, speaker talked about three main parts about his topic.
The first is the reason why online system needs operational intelligence
and some examples about it. The second is the In-Memory Architecture for
operational intelligence. The third part talked about how to implement
In-Memory by Object-Oriented model.

   The first, speaker introduced the necessity of operational intelligence
in online system. The goal of it is to provide immediate feedback to system
headling live date. For example, the smart grids can optimize power
distribution and detect issue and for E-commerce, it can provide
personalized and real-time recommendations. Furthermore, the speaker talked
about advantage of Real-time compare to Batch Analytic.

    The second, speaker talked about the In-Memory Architecture for
operational Intelligence and also introduced some examples about it. The
first is In-Memory data grid which is holds active entities undergoing
state changes in memory. The second is Backing store which is optionally
holds large population of entities. The third is Analytic engine which
examine entities in real time and generates alert within seconds as need.
The speaker also provided some example to introduce In-Memory model, cable
Set-Top Boxes, inventory management of E-commerce, Web shopping and Retail

    The third, how to implement the analysis of In-memory model by
Object-Orientated. The first step objects using parallel query of strategy
objects. The second step is to create parallel methods to update and
analyze the queried collection of hedging strategies using JAVA code. The
third step is running analysis code and libraries to its servers and then
merging results.

    Finally, the speaker talk about the benefit of In-memory model and some
methods to improve it in the future. Since the lecture time only had 45
min, so the speaker didn’t talk more technological detail and I list some
links about this meet-up. If you have interesting, you can read them and
discuss with me.

    The meet-up link:


    The lecture video on YouTuBe:


    The website of ScaleOutSoftware(Many relevant papers and videos )


    The wiki about Operational intelligence:

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