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Fri May 8 18:14:48 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I attended the meeting on April 21st, whose topic is Using Redis to Create a Blazing Fast Mobile App. It’s a very interesting Meetup and I learned a lot from them. This TechTalk mainly talked about following stuffs:
How network and data access latency can devastate your application.
How to architect your mobile cloud architecture using Redis to provide the best performance in all countries around the world.
How managed services can help in achieve globally scalable mobile cloud architecture.
The lecturer whose name is Lukas Sliwka is the CTO of Grindr. He first talked about there product - Grindr. It was the first time I knew Grindr, when he said it’s a social app for gays, everyone was laughing. But technically, some people need it, and it has a big market.

Then Lukas noticed that as a Grindr user, people want to be able to reliably access Grindr service around the world and to have a consistent user experience, that mean it’s a large scale of network and we have to manage data and communication in different ways. The challenges are obvious, that Grindr has to handle 10,000 API calls per second, 85MM chat messages per day and etc.

The solution is to utilize Amazon Global Datacenter Infrastructure and Content Delivery Network to bring data closer to the mobile users. As a result, the services response time for each country has been highly improved.

They also use different technologies for different modules. For user profiles, they combine Elastic Cache (Redis), Amazon SNS and SQS and etc. For IM service, they add DynamicDB for it and change some other technologies.

From the TechTalk, I learned much about globe app service and how to properly use database to help improve performance. Additionally, I also learned about Redis, which is useful when you want to make mobile app faster and better communicate in network.

The video and other content can be found from the following website: http://www.databasemonth.com/database/redis-mobile <http://www.databasemonth.com/database/redis-mobile>

Nan Min
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