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Fri May 8 23:16:43 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,
I attended the 10th Annual IEEE IT Professional Conference at TCF (2015) 
on  March 20th with Yiqun Liu.The Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) is the 
nation's longest running personal computer show and it was held at The 
College of New Jersey. For the tenth year, the Trenton Computer Festival 
extended its program to provide Information Technology and computer 
professionals with an additional day of conference. It was intended, in 
an economical way, to provide us with insight and information pertinent 
to their jobs, and to keep them informed of emerging technologies that 
could impact their work.

In the morning, I attended the lecture 'The Cost of the Cloud: A case 
study of Software as a Service costs using AWS' whose speaker is Steve 
Saporta. The lecturer talked about the cost of the cloud by starting 
with their product 'WalkAroud 360'. Then he introduced all kinds of cost 
assumptions during the whole process of running the product which 
included using the AWS Amazon S3. After some comparisons, we found that 
m3.xlarge is an order of magnitude faster than t1.micro. EC2 m3.large 
instance with PostgreSQL is comparable to RDS db.m3.large instance.

After this lecture, we had a great lunch with all the peolpe there. We 
introduced ourselves and communicated with each other. I made a friend, 
who is pursuing his Phd degree in NJIT. We talked about things about 
programming languages and so on.

In the afternoon, I attended three lectures. The first lecture is 
"Security Management - Keeping the IT Security Administrator Busy". The 
lecturer, Dr. Jane LeClair, talked about security management from many 
aspects, people, training, password, network, log file and so on. There 
are some interesting points from his lecture. Threats do not just come 
from the outside, they come from the inside. Sometimes the only way to 
determine if an attack has taken place is to examine the log files 
generated by the different servers and network components. An 
organization that has never undergone a risk assessment is, oddly 
enough, at risk.

Then, I attended the lecture "Software Quality Assurance from Theory to 
Implementation". Amal Abd El-Raouf, the speaker, talked about the 
projects she designed with her students. During the relaxing lecture, we 
communicated and discussed about many prolems in the modern quality 
assurance. After that, Richard F. Eng gave us the last lecture in the 
development field, "Data Scientist: A Career for 2015 and Beyond". Mr. 
Eng is very humorous, he used a lot of examples from his work to clearly 
explain what do data scientists do, what skills do data scientist need, 
how much are their salaries and future challenges. He finally also 
provided many resources and paths of becoming a data scientist, which 
include some books, degree programs and community colleges.

TCF is the first technical conference I have attended and it is really 

Here is a link of the conference, you can find the metarials of part of 
the lectures:

Best regards,
Chang Liu

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