[cs615asa] ctf

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon May 11 21:26:15 EDT 2015


I believe there are still three teams who have not yet captured the
final flag.  I'm willing to give you all a bit more team, if you like.

Alternatively, each of the teams in question may write up what they have
accomplished / found out so far, what they have tried, and submit that
to me (again with a document signed by all team members) and I may
give you partial credit for the last level.

In the mean time, I will ask the teams that have already captured the
flag to stand down and not deploy any further, active defenses.

If you have captured the flag, but the score board at
http://cs615-ctf.netmeister.org/board.html doesn't reflect that, then
please remember to write up your report, sign it, and send it to me as


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