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yliu91 yliu91 at stevens.edu
Thu May 14 14:03:58 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I attended the 10th Annual IEEE IT Professional Conference at TCF (2015) 
on March 20th with Chang Liu. I attended 5 lectures on that day and took 
some photos. I published the photos together with this report on my 
website: https://www.cs.stevens.edu/~yliu91/CS615/

You can find more information about the conference here: 

Here is a brief introduction of the conference by the organizers: The 
Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) is the nation's longest running personal 
computer show and it was held at The College of New Jersey. For the 
tenth year, the Trenton Computer Festival extended its program to 
provide Information Technology and computer professionals with an 
additional day of conference. It was intended, in an economical way, to 
provide us with insight and information pertinent to their jobs, and to 
keep them informed of emerging technologies that could impact their 

<Danger in the Public Cloud> by Joe Levy. It introduced the business use 
of public cloud, and given some use cases to emphasize the importance of 
information security. Then Joe introduced ownCloud, which is open source 
developed, written in PHP, and has both public license and enterprise 
license. I think public license is good, I’d like to try it some time.

<The Cost of the Cloud: A case study of Software as a Service costs 
using AWS> by Steve Saporta. The lecture showed us a good way to measure 
the cost of Cloud when running a service on it. How the creation, 
storage, requests, bandwidth, and other costs are considered and 
measured. This topic was very useful for us.

During lunch, everyone introduced him/her self, when I was thinking of 
how to make up a reason why I attended this conference, Chang Liu 
introduced himself: I came for an course assignment. Everyone laughed 
and I suddenly felt relax. Yes. Why not tell the truth?!

In the afternoon, there are 3 lectures I attended, I also took some 

<Security Management> by Jane Eclair and James L.Antonakos, which 
introduced a lot of security management topics in detail, such as, 
training, password management, network traffic capture and analysis, log 
file analysis, risk assessment, , vulnerability scanning, and so on. I 
think this lecture could be a training course for a new system 
administrator. <Software Quality Assurance from Theory to 
Implementation> by Amal And EI-Raouf. She talked about the importance of 
Software Quality Assurance and introduced projects she designed with her 

<Data Scientist: A Career for 2015 and Beyond> by Richard F. Eng. Dr. 
Eng is very active and humorous during conference. In his lecture, he 
clearly explained what data scientists do, and listed the competitive 
advantages in each level of data analytics, then the salaries for 
different job titles. He then listed some on line courses and self-study 
websites of becoming a data scientist.

I really enjoy this experience to TCF because I get a lot of information 
from it.

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