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Avineshwar Singh asingh16 at stevens.edu
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Why would you do anything to *~/.aws/credentials* ?
If it has something to do with changing your region (as a pre-created
volume's zone should match with our instance's zone; here, volume's zone is
a constraint), probably it is achievable by suppressing the output of *aws
configure *and changing the value of region to the region where our volume
is present, since there should be no user interaction once the tool is

However, since this script is to help the user, user has to be cooperative
(like following specific formats of saving environment variable which we
will consume, et cetera). This information should be reflected in our
script's help because the user will anyway have to refer to help part when
he will trying to use it for the first time and just for the sake of
running this tool, there will not be a requirement to change the
environment variables permanently rather it will be ephemeral, like: even
if he assigns a variable to something that we want him to put for the tool
to work, it will only be there for that particular shell window (another
shell window will reflect his permanent value, not this one). So, we can
use his variables by, optionally, making him choose to save those
environment variable in a specific format. This is not the only way.
Standardization of this tool is going to take some more effort.

The best thing to do is make the user to cooperate with the tool, however,
we have to keep in mind that we don't break the rules we need to follow
while creating this tool (no user interaction, no useless outputs, no
setting or modification of environment variables, no temporary files).

On 6 April 2016 at 18:11, Roy Vaccaro Jr. <rvaccaro at stevens.edu> wrote:

> In working on the HW assignment I found if you use one of the AWS SDK's
> the location for credentials is different from the command line "aws ec2"
> For  example using boto in python the library will look for the
> credentials in either a .boto file or ~/.aws/credentials (You can also use
> environment variables)
> Should the tool require the user to have one of these files or the env
> variables in place?
> Thanks
> Roy
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