[cs615asa] Get an account on the linux lab

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Sun Feb 7 12:55:13 EST 2016

gbasile <gbasile at stevens.edu> wrote:
> I am still waiting on my lab account as well. This is taking way too 
> long. I believe this would be an example of poor system administration.

...as well as poor student planning.  The course website explicitly and
in bold notes that getting an account on linux-lab is a pre-requisite,
which means you should have had it *before the semester starts* (i.e.
prior to 2016-01-19), not that one should be requested when the first
homework assignment is due.

Either way, for those of you who do not have their linux-lab account,
you may complete this homework assignment on any other system so long as
you do all the work on the command-line.


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