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According to the homework2 instructions we have to perform this task on 
two identical OS.
The last sentence is where it is asked to repeat this on different OS 
means, identical pair of OS but a different set which was not performed 
in the previous step.
I feel we have been asked to do so because we will come across different 
commands and observe the variation.

Professor request you to let me know if any point put forward is not as 
per your requirement as part of Homework 2.

Thanks & Regards,
Sonal Mehta

I feel we are asked to do in two
On 02/12/2016 2:42 AM, Avineshwar Singh wrote:
> Dear Professor,
> My latest work update is I'm able to do the job of accessing files
> across instances, like between 2 NetBSDs (ffs fs) or 2 Fedoras (ext
> fs) or 2 OmniOSes (ufs/zfs fs) or 2 Amazon Linux distros (ext fs). Is
> this a fine work? because I construed this as a 'to-do' work for
> assignment 2. 
> I'm not sure whether it is even possible to mount the volume which is
> having one fs to another instance which works on a different fs;
> although mount command can be used to mount fs of different types.
> Even if I proceed in the direction of mounting a volume (with A fs,
> with a file from instance A) to an instance B which works with B fs,
> fsck simply doesn't seem to detect that volume's fs, seemingly as if
> it doesn't know how to deal with it (unless provided with some support
> packages which I've never used). It just doesn't seem to work
> between two instances of different types (unless the fs is same on
> both of them) and there is no help in this direction assuming it is
> achievable.
> I'm still trying to achieve that though, maybe someone never felt the
> need for doing that on Amazon EC2, because it can't be so difficult
> in real world situations considering we have bare hard disks in our
> hands or if we are using some fs after a mutual agreement.
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