[cs615asa] HW4 graded

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Sun Mar 20 15:09:49 EDT 2016


I've just sent out grades for HW4.

This was a trivial assignment, yet many of you managed to lose points by
not testing your code on all the platforms that the assignment required
you run on.  Different versions of Unix have different tools that
support different flags; assuming that something working on one platform
will always work on all others is a bad idea.

Several of you decided that they need to read all the data into a
variable first before then echoing that variable into your commands.
That's a bad idea, because it means you're buffering the data in memory
instead of processing it as a stream.

Note also that the use of 'cat /dev/stdin' is non-portable.  If the
user's login shell is, for example, ksh, then /dev/stdin may not be
readable in the same way as it would be under bash.  See

Please also review the notes I sent out last semester, and which were
linked to from the assignment:


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