[cs615asa] Regarding trimmed outputs of tcpdump

Avineshwar Singh asingh16 at stevens.edu
Sun Mar 20 22:00:49 EDT 2016

Dear Professor,

It is acceptable to use *vi *to edit tcpdump's dump file (first capture the
stdout of tcpdump to *tee *then to a file and then edit using *vi*) or do
we have to explicitly capture only the UDP/ICMP packets using tcpdump ?

Because, I think in the latter part, it will capture some extra packets as
well (it won't be purely UDP and ICMP, i.e., some of the captures will not
have "udp" or "icmp" word in them).


Avineshwar Pratap Singh,
MS (in CyberSecurity),
Stevens Institute of Technology

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