[cs615asa] ec2 key name for hw6

Avineshwar Singh asingh16 at stevens.edu
Wed Mar 30 21:34:55 EDT 2016

I am not sure what you are asking exactly but, I think it should be
something like generating a pub-priv key pair locally, save the public key
to an EC2 instance's *authorized_keys *and some environment variable for
seamless access, create a script/tool which does rsync (supplying EC2
instance's relevant details as destination I guess?, post key
authorization) to that remote host (EC2 instance) using proper command
invocations and environment variables (as those are to be interpreted at
that instance), as an example.

I am sharing a primitive thought process. I still have to dig into this.

I am not sure about dd though. Do we need to tar and then send it to EC2
and write that tar using *dd *to some new volume or we have to *scp* our
files to the EC2 instance using *dd* to some volume (a new volume) and then
tar or not tar all, at the destination?


On 30 March 2016 at 21:16, marc bassil <mbassil at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Hi Professor,
> the man page for hw6 states:
> ec2-backup also assumes that the user has set up their ~/.ssh/config
> file to access instances in EC2 via ssh(1) without any additional
> settings.
> When creating a new aws instance, the aws cli requires a key name to be
> passed in as an argument. Do we assume that the user will pass the
> correct one for their instance in the env variable?
> Otherwise, the tool would have to parse ~/.ssh/config, enumerate
> the user's keys in aws comparing fingerprints, and finding a match for the
> key in the ssh config file.
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