[cs615asa] MongoDB meetup summary

Eric Fitzpatrick efitzpa1 at stevens.edu
Wed Apr 26 14:25:22 EDT 2017

Hi fellow CS615 class members,

To fulfill my tech meetup requirement for the class I attended an 
introductory MongoDB workshop last night. For those who might not know, 
MongoDB is a NoSQL database model that stores information in JSON-like 
documents. I chose this event as it's a technology that I haven't had a 
chance to work with before and I wanted to learn more about it.

The event was an introduction to MongoDB Atlas which is a new way to 
host MongoDB deployments in the cloud. The workshop had us install the 
MongoDB client to our machines, sign up for an Atlas account, set up and 
launch our first MongoDB cluster, learn how to create and import 
documents, and learn about some of the useful commands that can be run 
when connected to the cluster.

There were plenty of parallels to our class at the event. This includes 
the Atlas service working with and launching AWS instances, there being 
a large CLI component to the workshop, package management when it comes 
to installing the MongoDB client, networking and security when we had to 
set up the IP ACLs for our cluster, a heavy theme of data replication 
and redundancy for disaster recovery that Atlas takes care of for the 
user, and more that I'm sure I forgot to mention.

I learned more about the product and some of the features that it offers 
so overall I'm happy with choosing this event. I've included some links 
below of the meetup, pictures of the event, and MongoDB's website if you 
would like to read more about them and the product that they offer.

Eric Fitzpatrick


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