[cs615asa] Site Reliability Engineer Tech Talks Meetup Summary

Han Zhang hzhang52 at stevens.edu
Sun Apr 30 15:16:47 EDT 2017

Hi, all,
I'd like to share my experience of the Site Reliability Engineer Tech Talks
which held in 26, April at 770 Broadway, New York. I choose this event
because I want to learn more about what a system administrator's career
path look like and what kinds of jobs will be done with this position.

The first part is about the network. For a site reliability engineer, they
need to have a solid network knowledge and they should be good at Unix
system administrative. As a site reliability engineer, they focus on the
reliability and scalability, so have a good knowledge of network can help
them figure out problems quickly.

The second part is about service management. The system administrator
approach involves assembling existing software component and deploying them
to work as a service. Sysadmins are then tasked with maintaining this
service. The lecturer also introduces the basic service structure and how
the server and client work together.

In general, a software reliability engineer is responsible for
availability, latency, performance and efficiency, change management,
monitoring, emergency response and capacity planning.

These works of software reliability engineer have a close relationship with
our lecture. For example, when doing the homework and create the instances,
we need to consider many things as a software reliability engineer like
networking, package management, file systems and disk.

That's it! Thanks for reading!

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