[cs615asa] HW1 grades

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 7 23:25:17 EST 2017


I have just sent out grades for HW1.  If you did not receive a grade,
then I did not receive a homework submission for you.

In addition to what we covered in class last week, here are a few
additional notes:

Many of you noted that in order for you to be able to ssh to the
instance, you'll have to open up the necessary firewall rules.  Many of
you then issued the following command:

ec2-authorize <some group> -P tcp -p 22 -s

Please review whether or not that is the best option and if you can
tighten this up.  We will talk about security a lot in this class, and
you want to follow what is known as the Principle of Least Privilege and
only allow what is absolutely necessary.  How can you allow any system
from only e.g. Stevens access via SSH, but not from anywhere else?

The text documents you submitted were frequently poorly formatted,
showing that most of you have little to no experience in creating a
simple, plain ascii document.  I recommend you get some practice here.
Legigible, well-formatted, spell-checked text is a requirement for all
assignments in this class.

Some hints on how to write well-formatted plain text documents are
available here:

When including command output, please always copy and paste the *exact*
output *as is*.  Do not add comments or prefix the output on the same
line, but present it exactly as it was printed to the terminal.

I also recommend that you take more advantage of this mailing list to
discuss amongst yourselves the assignments and any issues you might
encounter.  Being able to clearly communicate problems you run into in
electronic communications is a critical skill to practice.


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