[cs615asa] Fwd: (no subject)

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Tue Feb 14 13:53:43 EST 2017

Bryana Atkinson <batkinso at stevens.edu> wrote:
> Again, not really sure why but everything seems to be working okay
> now. I was messing around with it last night but when I went to sleep
> I was still unable to connect. This morning I got it on my first try
> with the same commands (I copy and pasted, so I'm sure they're the
> same).

>From where are you running these commands?

It's possible that an outgoing firewall is blocking the connections,
although that should not have been the case last night in class, and it
isn't the case on linux-lab.

Next time this happens, you can try running a traceroute to the system
to see if packets are being dropped along the way somewhere.  If that
works, try a TCP traceroute to port 22.  That should show where the
connection is dropped.


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