[cs615asa] Questions Regarding Homework 2

mmahone1 mmahone1 at stevens.edu
Wed Jan 31 17:24:02 EST 2018

Hi All,

So I have three questions Regarding Homework 2:

Question 1) Is it acceptable to have errors in our Script transcript 
files? Say for example You accidentally type "aqs" instead of "aws" or 
something of that sort and later go and fix the command, is that 
acceptable to have in the final transcript? Or should it consist 
strictly of commands which worked perfectly the first time?

Question 2) If you did The Assignment for the Two Sets of Different OS 
instances at different times, is it acceptable just to concatenate the 
respective Timestamp and Transcript files made by the two Script 
instances for the final submission?

Question 3) When looking at my Transcript file, there are a Lot of 
control characters that occur. They do seem to render some things 
(Especially return values from AWS) almost unreadable. What should I do 
about this? I know using "cat transcript" displays it in a way which is 
easily readable (With a few exceptions), but I'm unsure of what is 
wanted for the final submission.

Thanks for your time
Matthew Mahoney

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