[cs615asa] Questions Regarding Homework 2

Patrick Grasso pgrasso at stevens.edu
Wed Jan 31 19:17:59 EST 2018

> Hey Matt,

I can't speak for 1 or 2, but as for

Question 3) When looking at my Transcript file, there are a Lot of
> control characters that occur. They do seem to render some things
> (Especially return values from AWS) almost unreadable. What should I do
> about this? I know using "cat transcript" displays it in a way which is
> easily readable (With a few exceptions), but I'm unsure of what is
> wanted for the final submission.

Try using sh(1) instead of bash or whatever your preferred shell is (unless
your preferred shell is sh and your config utilizes ansi escapes e.g.
colors). By default (on most platforms as far as I'm aware), sh is
colorless and ansi-escapeless.

As for aws, try using the --color off option.

Patrick Grasso

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