[cs615asa] Questions Regarding Homework 2

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Wed Jan 31 22:15:35 EST 2018

Matthew W Mahoney <mmahone1 at stevens.edu> wrote:
> Question 1) Is it acceptable to have errors in our Script transcript 
> files?

Yes, of course.

The script just transcribes the terminal session; nobody is expected to
be able to flawlessly run all commands.

> Question 2) If you did The Assignment for the Two Sets of Different OS 
> instances at different times, is it acceptable just to concatenate the 
> respective Timestamp and Transcript files made by the two Script 
> instances for the final submission?

Concatenating the scripts and timestamp files might not work as you
expect.  You can submit multiple pairs of typescript+timestamp files.

> Question 3) When looking at my Transcript file, there are a Lot of 
> control characters that occur.

That's alright.  The file is not intended (primarily) for human
consumption.  Instead, you'd use the scriptreplay(1) tool to replay the


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