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Robert Herley IV rherley at stevens.edu
Tue Apr 2 01:06:01 EDT 2019

The NetBSD instance that we are using (ami-569ed93c) has *pkg_add(1)* to
install different packages.

You just need to export a few env vars first to properly download the
binaries from the ftp server:

$ *PATH="/usr/pkg/sbin:$PATH"*$
*export PATH PKG_PATH*

Then you can install packages like the aws-cli (not sure if this is
required for us in our makefiles):

$ *pkg_add py37-awscli # it's the python 3.7 version*$ *which

I also have a quick question too, are we allowed to use the AWS Python
SDK boto3?
It facilitates a lot of the instance/volume management, not sure if
this is considered "cheating".


On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 11:12 PM Thomas L Pyle <tpyle at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> As discussed in class, are we assuming the presence of the awscli by
> default on the machine? The default instance does not include the awscli.
> Further, it doesn't have the default package manager (pkgsrc) unless i'm
> mistaken and there's another package manager for netbsd.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Pyle

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