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Mon Apr 8 18:11:07 EDT 2019

Hello everyone,

This week, Blue Team found an article talking about the importance of Configuration Management, the 4 stages to robust SCM, and other things an administrator should consider while implementing Sonfiguration Management.

According to the author, SCM can not only identify misconfigurations that make the systems vulnerable but can also identify “unusual” changes to critical files or registry keys. The 4 stages are: Device Discovery, Establish Configuration Baselines, Assert Alert and Report changes and Remediate.

There are also other considerations such as Policy creation and management. Although the configuration management process is complex, works will be handled properly through automation if using the right SCM methods.


Why Security Configuration Management (SCM) Matters<https://www.tripwire.com/state-of-security/security-data-protection/security-configuration-management/why-security-configuration-management-matters/>
Without a security configuration management plan, the task of maintaining secure configurations even on a single server is daunting. But if you’re using the right SCM tool, the bulk of the work will be handled for you through automation.

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