[cs615asa] Green Team - Week 10

Chengzhi Yang cyang32 at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 8 22:51:56 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

This is the green team. Sorry for super late links. This is for last
lecture's topic(Lecture 10: Backup and Disaster Recovery /

We found a link talking about the ZFS Performance. The Author
using the AWS to run the benchmark to support the idea
"When properly cached, the performance of ZFS is excellent".

The author introduced the ZFS metadata, ZFS stores files in
B-trees. "With no cache, to read something from a three
levels B-tree thus requires 3 IOPS.". The author did the
benchmark compare the ZFS and the XFS Sysbench read. It shows
XFS much faster than ZFS. And the author using ZFS L2ARC
feature to improve the performance of ZFS. That dramatically
increased the ZFS speed.

L2ARC is kind of cache technology, main memory cache(DRAM)
for ZFS.

Here is the link of "About ZFS Performance"

And here is another good link to introduce "ZFS L2ARC"

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