[cs615asa] Comfirm the event to attend

Chengzhi Yang cyang32 at stevens.edu
Fri Apr 12 13:34:19 EDT 2019

Thank you professor. You answered my concern. I may attend the DigitalOcean event but I will try to find more to attend.


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Chengzhi Yang <cyang32 at stevens.edu> wrote:
> The problem is I think it looks like the same event as the Gregory 
> have attended and he already has given a very good summary.

You can still attend, but for this assignment you should pick another event so as not to overlap with an already reported event.

> And I have another alternative event:
> Startup 101 Sessions: Painless and Efficient Ways To Do Usability 
> Testing

This will work if you specifically tie the lessons to the sysadmin tools we're using and developing.  That is, if the presentation happens to focus on web-UIs and mobile apps, you'll have more work to make the connection than if it focuses on the UI/UX of e.g. the DigitalOcean droplets and command-line tools.

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