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Chengzhi Yang cyang32 at stevens.edu
Sat Apr 13 03:08:40 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

This is the green team. This week we find the link:

In one chapter of this long article, the author gives out an interesting idea,
"The slow speed of making changes, and making changes on some boxes
manually, can be an advantage" I think it may relative to our team mission:
Performance. (https://is.gd/esuHRK)
So, slow in some cases may better than faster!

In this part. the author has talked about some special cases which
slow performance on execute the system maintenance operate, change the
configuration, or run script may give you some advantages.

The main ideas are:

1. Some tasks may not have too much workload for execute manually, and system
administrator could gain the important chance to check individual server

2. When you making configuration or script changes if it caused the troubles.
It much hard to recover from the results of running of botched script on all

3. "Slow speed also facilitates learning. And allow you to produce better notes.
Both those aspects are extremely important. "

4. "The danger of Unix configuration management systems is that they implicitly
encourage you to run the script on more servers then you should and before they
reach the state of maturity necessary for your environment."

Btw, This is a very long article. Please use the content at the beginning
to get what you want from the article. It is a complete tutorial about Unix
configuration management tools. It covered from the introduction, goal and
usage explain to how to pick up a Unix management configuration system
that suit to your usage.

- Green Team
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