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This week our topic is on* Extending Puppet into your Monitoring

Puppet is the Configuration Management tool.

Puppet Labs helps companies automate their infrastructure deployments with
ease and efficiency. Puppet provides a declarative consistency across
server, virtual machine and container builds. The sort of consistency that
Puppet offers is the same sort of consistency you need when monitoring
hundreds or thousands of compute instances.

Opsview has introduced the Opsview Puppet Module, which automatically
registers compute instances for monitoring within Opsview Monitor. It
facilitates the creation, synchronization and update of the monitored
system in the Opsview configuration using Opsview’s REST API.

Puppet is a powerful configuration management and automation framework, but
to integrate systems like Opsview, it often requires many hours of
scripting trial and error to get it working. So it’s with great pride that
Opsview has released a module for its customers to easily integrate with
Puppet. They also have similar integration modules available for Ansible
and Chef (links here) The Opsview Puppet Module includes declaration for
all the core Opsview operations. This includes Host groups, Hosts,
Users/Roles , Service Checks and even Business Service Monitoring
(Application Dependency Monitoring and Availability).


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