[cs615asa] Green Team Link [Week 12]

Devesh Jain djain5 at stevens.edu
Fri Apr 19 21:17:47 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

This week the green team talks about "Analyzing Information Systems Security".


The above mentioned paper describes problems with managing information systems security due to their broad scope and complexity.
The paper describes issues with traditional risk analysis and suggests checklists and best practices.
It also describes the aspect that every security analysis must solve i.e. the "Cost, Benefit and Acceptable" risks.
Moreover, the paper presents concepts from other research areas (Elements from HACCP) that can be used as a basis for a proactive security analysis approach and he usage of established multivariate statistical methods.
Cumulatively, the paper discusses and suggests how such a security analysis tool may look in a conceptual form.

Green Team
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