[cs615asa] Red Team Link Week 13

Thomas Pyle tpyle at stevens.edu
Sat Apr 27 15:33:50 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone,

The red teams link this week is the following:

It describes some of the differences between the various 'hats' that
hackers wear, which primarily split hackers based on their motivations and
operational patterns.

* White hat hackers are generally employed specifically with the goal of
penetration testing.
* Gray hat hackers seek to break into systems, although they operate
outside the law in that they don't have any prior permission to do so. They
might also post found exploits on the internet, but they do not exploit the
systems for direct personal gain.
* Black Hat hackers are interested in personal gain, or they operate as
part of a political or social goal. These are the people who make malware,
and exploit systems.

This is directly related to class because it explores the motivations of an
attacker, and it allows you to understand the various roles that an
attacker might play, and that attackers aren't always malicious.

Thomas Pyle & The Red Team
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