[cs615asa] Blue Team Link Week 13

Brett Biggs bbiggs at stevens.edu
Sun Apr 28 16:45:47 EDT 2019

For the blue team this week we are sending out two links. One with the backstory of the new code of conduct and the other which is the actual code of conduct.



The backstory essentially states that Torvalds code of conduct towards members of the Linux community were unacceptable and drove people away from the development of linux and the community in general. In response to this he took time off and developed a new code of conduct for the community in large. To quote the article best "The new code of conduct asks that contributors deliver criticism constructively and to accept such criticism mindfully, that people use inclusive language, and that members of the community be respectful of "differing viewpoints and experiences." It also prohibits "sexualized language or imagery," derogatory comments, personal or political attacks, and "public or private harassment."

While ethics can be thought of in terms of hacking, and protecting systems there is also a human component to all of this. And is it ethical to personally attack someone who is trying to offer valid criticism or constructive criticism of a product. This is the blue teams link for the week.


Blue Team
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