[cs615asa] Query regarding homework submission

Rozy Gupta rgupta11 at stevens.edu
Sun Feb 3 16:04:50 EST 2019

Hello Professor,

About submission of my text file, I meant if I created a text file in unix system, how do I download it on my laptop which is windows system?

Should I use any file transfer tool such as winscp?

Rozy Gupta

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Rozy Gupta <rgupta11 at stevens.edu> wrote:

> (1) what should we name the file since it is not specified anywhere?

Please name it after your Stevens username. In your case, the file
should be alled 'rgupta11'.

> (2) how should I submit a text file that I created on my unix system?

Attach it to an email to me from your Stevens email address.

> (3) All the commands (uname and so in)in the assignment are to be executed in the aws instance right?


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