[cs615asa] reminders

Jan Schaumann jschauma at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 4 10:12:42 EST 2019


Please remember to fill out the pre-class questionnaire:

Please also remember that each team needs to share on the mailing list a
link relevant to their area of focus related to last week's or tonight's
lecture.  When you send out your link, please explain why that resource
is relevant.  Please also remember that each team will be asked to
summarize what considerations apply to the topic in class:

Lastly, please remember to submit your homework submission using your
@stevens.edu email address; I may not receive emails from you sent from
other accounts.

I will not send out reminders like this again - please do take note and
keep track of your responsibilities going forward.

See you tonight -- Pierce 220 (another reminder: new room),

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