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Hi everyone,

This week the black team’s chosen topic/article has to do with Kerberos and LDAP.

Although they are two different protocols, they are often used in conjunction for user management, as this article details.

LDAP, standing for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, simply put, is an internet protocol that is used to look up information from a server in an organized fashion. Kerberos is an authentication technology that uses symmetric key cryptography and trusted third party authorization to verify a user’s identity. It is trusted as the industry standard nowadays.

Both individually and together, LDAP and Kerberos are designed to solve the problem of distributed authentication and authorization. The system detailed in the article essentially uses LDAP to centralize kerberos authentication to severely decrease the amount of accounts that need to be managed.

The article on DrDobbs is very detailed and pretty much goes through the entire process step by step if you guys are interested. All of the references we used are below.



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