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The US defense purchase weapons from contractors who install open source software and their engineers, for the most part, do not change the default password.
Any malicious user could go online and get those passwords. This will enable them to gain administrator access.
Contractors have a bottom line that they have to think about. So a lot of times, they provide software and offer add-on's for security.

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Aleeza Shaikh <ashaikh1 at stevens.edu> wrote:

> This is the red team's link for week 4.
> It talks about how weapons and devices originally meant for defense
> are now vulnerable to attacks, because of which they can be used as
> weapons of destruction against the same entities they were built to
> protect.

While interesting, can you make the connection to either last week's or
tonight's lecture topics?  Sure, it affects software, and we are talking
about software, but how does this relate to either the different types
of software, their management, or multiuser principles?

Let's make sure to keep our links focused!

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