[cs615asa] Black Team - Week 5 (Networking)

Aimal Wajihuddin awajihud at stevens.edu
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Hi all,

This week, the black team explored STP, otherwise known as Spanning Tree Protocol. STP essentially maps out the topology of a network, that is, it maps out the path between any and all endpoints (nodes) in a network. It ensures that there are no loops in a given network. STP is the reason why you cannot, or rather, should not, daisy chain smart switches or routers. If you do, as is detailed in our chosen article for this week, it would create what is known as a switching loop.

Switching loops are essentially when there are more than one paths between two endpoints. If you daisy chain smart switches, it would effectively create infinite paths for all connections, making the network immensely congested and render it unusable.

The article contains a lot more interesting and useful information and I recommend that you all give it a read.



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