[cs615asa] Red Team Link Week 5

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Okay. Let's try this again...

Here's a link to a "DDoS Quick Guide" provided by the Department of Homeland Security:


It provides a chart of attack possibilities by OSI layer and gives examples of denial of service (DOS) attacks techniques at each level. These attacks impact the availability of resources and if successful will render them unavailable.

The chart also includes mitigation options for the attack types (related to Blue Team's mission).


Are links like these acceptable? Or do you prefer articles?

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Rosanna D Pangelinan <rpangeli at stevens.edu> wrote:

> Here's some info on the Key Reinstallation Attack, aka as KRACK, which
> is an attack on the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocol

The weekly links should be *directly related* to either the topic of the
previous lecture, or the upcoming lecture.  That is, you should research
what we covered or will cover, and find a relevant link or topic.

While we'll be talking about networking in general, WAP and WiFi are not
on topic here.  Please review the slides and recommended reading
materials and submit a more suitable link.

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