[cs615asa] Green Team Link Week 5

Gregory Goldshteyn ggoldsht at stevens.edu
Mon Feb 25 16:06:53 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,

This week, Green Team focused on the efficiency of IPv6.

Because IPv6 has so much more address space than IPv4, hosts on the network
will be assigned a 64-bit unique identifier. Instead of having to worry
about host configuration (DCHP or manual), a device will simply have a
unique identifier assigned to it.

IPv6 also requires fewer "hops" between hosts to get from one host to
another. This should both reduce the amount of network traffic and latency
between one host and another.

HOWEVER: Because IPv6 has not been fully adopted by all hosts on the
internet, IPv6 communication between hosts may be subject to tunneling, a
process by which an IPv4 network creates a "tunnel" through which IPv6
packets may be sent. Tunneling can increase latency.

Summary: IPv6 should be faster and take less network bandwidth than IPv4
once it is fully adopted, but interfacing between IPv4 and IPv6 can drag
performance down.

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