[cs615asa] Problems to submit level0

Chengzhi Yang cyang32 at stevens.edu
Tue May 7 14:07:16 EDT 2019

Dear Professor and All,

Unfortunately, we failed on the last submit. And because we can't resubmit within 24 hours so we want to make sure our next submit should be correct. Since other teams already have made it.

The possible reasons we found are list below:
1. We have not to CC to team members when submit.
2. Someone's public key file's name has a typo.
3. Someone's key's name in GPG is not the same as Stevens id.

The things we assume it may correct:
* We have 9 files in the tar, since we have 4 members. There are 4 public keys, 4 signatures detached from README, 1 README
* We could verify README via signatures using the instructions on CTF page(https://stevens.netmeister.org/615/ctf.html)
* We make sure we have properly encrypted the email using the professor's public key. And we have tried to encrypt email using our own pub keys. And successfully decrypt the mail.

Any hints or information are welcome. Thank you.

- Code Blue Team
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